A New Feature of Twitter will Remind you to Add Alt text to Photos

A New Feature of Twitter will Remind you to Add Alt text to Photos

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  • September 21, 2022
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Posts using the new feature of Twitter will have an “ALT” badge in the left corner

Twitter is rolling out a new opt-in feature that will remind users to add alt text to image uploads. With Reminders, Twitter is trying to make the app more accessible to screen readers.

The social network began testing the feature in July on limited user accounts. After the successful testing phase, it is now rolling out to everyone.


Through the function, the user will be able to add text that explains the images that are uploaded. In this way, users with visual disabilities or screen readers will be able to participate in the conversations on the platform. Aside from that, users who don’t have good internet access and can’t upload images will be able to get the context.

To enable the feature, users can click the Settings menu and choose the Accessibility option. Then tap on the “Receive Photo Description Reminder” option. Once enabled, the app will remind the user to add the text on the next load.

Posts that have used the new feature will have an “ALT” badge in the left corner. The sent text can be translated into the desired language.

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