After Hackers Leaked user Data, TikTok Denied a Security Issue in 2022

After Hackers Leaked user Data, TikTok Denied a Security Issue in 2022

TikTok denies being hacked by ‘AgainstTheWest’ Hacker group, claims stolen user data is incorrect

TikTok has denied allegations that its servers were hacked and that hackers stole source code and user data. The company told BleepingComputer that the data posted on the hacker forum was “totally unrelated” to the company.


A hacking group called “AgainstTheWest” claims to have hacked TikTok and WeChat by creating a thread on hack forums. The post shared screenshots of so-called corporate databases, accessed on Alibaba Cloud, that contains data on TikTok and WeChat users.

Hackers also claim that the server contains 2.05 billion records in a massive 790GB database containing user data, platform statistics, program code, cookies, authentication codes, server information, and more.

Despite its name, the hacking group says it only targets companies and countries hostile to Western interests.

However, TikTok denied its hack, saying that the shared source code was not part of its platform. The company also said that adequate security safeguards will prevent automated scripts from collecting user information.


Tory Hunt, the creator of the data breach notification service HaveIBeenPwned, confirmed in a Twitter post that TikTok had indeed been hacked and that some of the data were valid. Database hunter Bob Diachenko also verified the user data breach but failed to provide reliable data on its origin.

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