Apple Adds MacBooks to its Self-service Repair Programme 2022

Apple Adds MacBooks to its Self-service Repair Programme 2022

Apple expands MacBook Self-Repair with genuine parts and tools for repairs on every model

Apple has announced that its self-repair facility will be available for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops equipped with M1 series chips.

Service will provide repair manuals, parts, and genuine Apple tools through the Apple Self-Service Store.


Apple Self-Service for Macbooks offers different types of repairs for each model, including repairing batteries, screens, trackpads, and more.

Tools and parts for this device will be available at all Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers to make it easier for customers with complex electronics repair skills to repair their MacBook.

According to the blog, customers need to review the service manual for the product they intend to repair by visiting They can visit the Apple Store for a self-repair later and order the tools and parts needed for the repair.

The company pledges to provide original components designed and engineered for every device to ensure quality, safety, and reliability. Replaced parts can be returned to Apple for recycling or refurbishment, and you may earn store credit on purchases.


The company offers rental kits for $49 with free shipping and customers can keep them for a week. The company currently has more than 3,500 independent repair providers and 5,000 Apple-authorized service providers worldwide, supporting more than 100,000 working technicians.

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