Blizzard will once more take Overwatch 2 offline

Blizzard will once more take Overwatch 2 offline

Blizzard is shutting down Overwatch 2 server offline to fix issues players face.

After users experienced various issues with the recently released Overwatch 2, Blizzard announced that it would be taking the game’s servers offline to fix the issues.

The downtime is expected to last for an hour and will be the third in two days that the company has had to disable the game to fix issues.

In a post, the company provided details about bugs that should be fixed in the game along with some updates.


The update will fix Watchpoint packs that don’t appear to be available to players who pre-ordered them, as well as an LC-208 bug that prevented players from logging in.

On Friday, Blizzard changed its policy on SMS Protect phone number verification. The company addressed issues of waiting time between matches for players, saying, “We are changing the settings within this system today and hope to shorten that wait a bit throughout the day.”

Blizzard optimistically states that the updates and new fixes “quadruple our capacity and ultimately reduce login queues overnight,” and will continue to monitor the game.

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