The DART partner Transmits the first Photograph of the Asteroid Collision site

The DART partner Transmits the first Photograph of the Asteroid Collision site

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  • September 29, 2022
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The LICIACube satellite sends back its first images, three minutes after DART crashed into an asteroid

NASA’s spacecraft, DART, or Double Asteroid Redirection Test, hit an asteroid the day before. The accident, which the scientists wrote, is aimed at determining whether the collision will knock down the space rocks.

The space agency has now published the first images of the accident site of the LICIACube satellite.

The satellite captured dual-camera images three minutes after the crash and disappearance of the DART plane. The images show debris streams flowing around Demorphos, along with images of the other side of the asteroid and its surroundings.


“Our intrepid little reporter. What he will witness and the document will provide us with unique and important information that we might not otherwise see,” said Andrew Cheng, a planetary scientist at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory at LICIACube.

DART teams plan to analyze the captured images to examine accident data collected by LICIACube.

“Now the science can begin,” says Katharina Meljkovic of Curtin University in Australia. “This is to ensure that if Earth does encounter a dangerous asteroid, we will know what to do.”

The European Space Agency is planning a similar mission to send its exploration satellite HERA in a few years to decipher the consequences of the accident.

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