Desktop Metal will Introduce 3D-Printed Sheet Metal Technology for Automobiles and Aircraft

Desktop Metal will Introduce 3D-Printed Sheet Metal Technology for Automobiles and Aircraft

Desktop Metal Inc plans to introduce a technology that will simplify the process of industrial sheet metal production.

U.S.-based 3D printer maker Desktop Metal plans to introduce a new technology that will greatly simplify the production process of industrial sheet metal, Chief Executive Rick Fulop told Reuters.


Fulop added that Figur G15’s technology enables standard sheet metal to be formed on demand directly from digital design files, eliminating the need for stamping tools, dies, or presses, reducing costs and production lead times.

“It’s a $300 billion market right now with no digital solutions,” he said, adding that the Figur G15 is scheduled to be unveiled at the trade show in Chicago on Wednesday.

The Massachusetts-based startup’s clients include BMW, Toyota Motor Corp, and SpaceX billionaire Elon Musk.

Washington believes that 3D printing technology, which allows complex shapes to be created in layers of plastic or metal particles, is an innovation that will allow American manufacturers to flourish and create jobs.

Fulop expects the first generation of the new technology to handle the mass production of sheet metal parts for aircraft, agriculture, and heavy equipment.

In the automotive assembly sector, the technology will be able to handle forming and stamping of small and medium batches of sheet metal, he added.

“It can initially support the production of fewer than 10,000 cars a year,” Fulop said. “I believe we will significantly reduce sealing needs over the next two decades.”



Currently, the technology is only capable of forming Desktop metal parts that fit into a 1.5m x 1.2m 3D printer enclosure and can handle positive and negative shapes up to 40cm vertically, according to a company statement seen by Reuters.

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