Easy Ways To Set Up Yahoo Mail In Outlook

Easy Ways To Set Up Yahoo Mail In Outlook

MS Outlook is the first and most important choice for any professional. It allows users to send and receive email and perform many functions such as managing tasks, managing contacts, taking notes, diaries, records, calendars, and browsing the web; This list adds more features. Microsoft Outlook is well known for providing users with a wide range of capabilities.


In addition to all this, it also offers you features such as:

  • Create multiple email accounts.
  • Managed data backup.
  • Online browsing, task management, daily history, calendar, contact management, etc.
  • Easy to implement.
  • Toolbar for quick access.
  • The most attractive features are the search and indexing options.

On the other hand, Yahoo Mail is a very easy-to-use email platform. The most amazing features include:

  • Availability on computers and phones.
  • A simple mail folding system that supports the concept of an easy-to-use email platform.
  • Better email search system.
  • Background design options.

In the paragraphs above, we learned the many benefits of Yahoo Mail and Outlook. So what if we set up Yahoo Mail in Outlook? Can we get better results?

Let’s try to find out the result.

What if we configure Yahoo Mail in Outlook?

Although both performed great on their respective sites, we can see an excellent result when Yahoo is configured in Outlook, as Yahoo Mail is a popular web-based email client with a user bank of more than 225 million active users. In addition, it gives you access to Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, and other services.


On the contrary, Outlook is a professional tool that helps you when you want to add group mail messages from Yahoo, in this case. It would be useful if it was closer to MS Outlook; It also has more than 400 million active users.

So while they both have a very large number of active users, setting up Yahoo Mail in Outlook is the best option in this case.

To configure Yahoo Mail in Outlook, the procedure is carried out in two simple steps. These steps are detailed in more detail. Setting up Yahoo in Outlook can be done both manually and professionally. First, we try to move forward with manual focus.

Step 1 – Create a password for a third-party app in Yahoo Mail

  • Sign in with your Yahoo Mail ID.
  • Click on the profile icon > Account information.
  • Then tap Account Security > Authenticator App > Enter your recovery email and phone number to proceed.
  • Enter the 5-digit code you received in your recovery email and phone number.
  • Scan the authentication code and follow the instructions under the app password or you can also enter the details manually.
  • Finally, click Done.

Step 2: Add Yahoo to Outlook

  • Start perspective
  • Go to File > Add Account.
  • Enter your Yahoo Mail ID > Password (third-party Yahoo Mail app) > Connect.
  • Now your account has been successfully added to IMAP > Done.
  • Finally, your Yahoo account is set up and reflected in Outlook.

Alternative: Set up Yahoo Mail in Outlook manually

Blackouts and internet outages are very common, but they don’t slow down your pace. Here you can also add Yahoo email to Outlook manually. Follow the steps to run:

  • Start Outlook > Go to File > Add Account.
  • After entering your email id, you will find the advanced option > let me set up my account manually > connect.
  • Then select IMAP > Third-Party App Password. > Connect.
  • A message will appear on the screen, Account added successfully > Done
  • Your account will eventually connect Yahoo Mail to Outlook.

If you follow the instructions carefully, you will be able to configure Yahoo Mail to Outlook successfully. And if you can’t run the Yahoo Mail setup in Outlook successfully the manual way.

Then follow the approach below with Professional Thinker Sysinfo Yahoo Backup Tool.

Set up Yahoo Mail in Outlook with Professional Thinker

However, we have tried to explain how you can set up Yahoo Mail manually in Outlook with very easy and simple steps. But not everyone is technical enough to systematically and successfully perform these steps. But most of them can be professionals. So we can’t wait to be professional and run this manual approach. It is best to get the help of a professional Yahoo Mail Backup tool. It helps you to set up Yahoo Mail in Outlook and convert Yahoo mail to different file formats like PDF, PST, MBOX, etc., and email clients like Gmail, Amazon WebMail, etc. To run this software, follow the simple steps:


  1. Run the program as an administrator.
  2. Enter the required credentials.
  3. Now select the file/folders and file format/email client in which you want to place the resulting folder.
  4. You can also choose different features such as:
    a. Remove Duplicate Files: So no mess will be created after downloading the output folder.
    b. Keep folder hierarchy: This feature helps you to keep the folder hierarchy the same as in the original folder.
    c. Free up server space: This feature helps you free up server space by deleting emails after downloading.
    d. Skip Previously Migrated Items: This software is compatible enough to skip emails and data you have already backed up.
    e. Set backup schedules – This is one of the best features of the software that helps you when you were completely focused on your work and forgot to back up your data. This software provides you with the functionality
  5. After choosing all these features, you can enable a mail filter where you can backup your data within a specified time range.
  6. Name your output folder and click the Save Path button.
  7. Checking your data starts when you click the “Convert” button.
  8. Now you can download your output file to the specified destination.

These are the steps you can follow. This professional solution also fixes the Yahoo Mail not receiving emails error.



We learned the manual and technical methods of configuring Yahoo Mail in Outlook. You can choose any of them, but we can’t assure you that you can proceed successfully with manual focus. On the contrary, we can assure you that you will use the professional tool that can not only configure Yahoo Mail in Outlook but also convert the output data to different file formats and email clients.

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