Facebook will Discontinue its Gaming Application in October 2022

Facebook will Discontinue its Gaming Application in October 2022

Once closed, the Facebook game app will no longer be available on Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Two years after its launch, Facebook plans to shut down its gaming app on October 28 this year, but users can still access games through the Facebook app.

After the official shutdown, game apps will no longer be available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


The gaming app, which debuted during the 2020 pandemic, allows users to watch their favorite streams, play instant games, and join a gaming group.

Despite the shutdown announcement, “Facebook’s mission to connect gamers, fans, and creators to the games they love remains unchanged.”

Game apps provide a great environment for game teams to test and iterate on many game-specific features and products.

Facebook hasn’t specified why its standalone gaming app is shutting down, but the decision came when the company merged new services and shut down old ones.

It also recently decided to shut down the Direct Shopping feature after October 1st. Meta is focused on developing Reels and testing a new live streaming platform for an influencer called “Super”.


The platform is designed to help host live broadcasts, earn revenue, and interact with viewers. Currently, the platform, similar to Twitch, is being tested with less than 100 creators.

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