France Connects the Submarine Cables to Pakistan

France Connects the Submarine Cables to Pakistan

PEACE Cable is a 15,000 km undersea cable running from Pakistan to France.

Islamabad: Pakistan and East Africa Connecting Europe (PEACE) Cable International Network Ltd. has completed the construction of the submarine cable infrastructure, providing a connection from Karachi to Marseille, France, and is ready for commissioning.


According to a statement released by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), the segment connects Karachi and Zafarana in Egypt.

The length of the segment is 5,800 kilometers. The feat was revealed in an online meeting between PTA Chairman Major General Amir Azeem Bajwa and PEACE Cable management.

The members of the delegation included Sun Xiaohua, Chief Operating Officer of Peace Management, Zhang Donghai, Director of Peace Management, and Chirs Zhang, Commercial Director, who participated in the meeting via video, and Shoaib Ashfaq Qureshi, Country Manager of Peace Cable, Pakistan, attended the meeting in person.

The delegation expressed interest in investment opportunities in the country. It also discussed future plans to develop innovative digital technology solutions to accelerate the process of digitally connecting Pakistan.

The COO of PEACE Cable said: “The section from Pakistan to France has been completed, which is an exciting milestone.” National Manager Qureshi said at the meeting that PEACE is the first route from Pakistan to Europe and Africa and Singapore’s international submarine cable.

“This is a new beginning of the submarine chapter in the Pakistani market and we are excited to develop connectivity in the region,” he added.france-connects-the-submarine-cables-to-pakistan

The PEACE cable is a 15,000 km long submarine cable from Pakistan to France. It has stretched from Pakistan to Singapore for another 6,500 kilometers.

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