iOS 16: iMessage Editing And Unsending Tips

iOS 16: iMessage Editing And Unsending Tips

Telegram has always been at the forefront of users deleting or completely editing a message sent in iOS 16 chat conversation, and it took several years for Meta Inc to remove the “delete for everyone” feature from the popular WhatsApp chat. WhatsApp doesn’t see the ‘edit function’ for already sent messages and Facebook Messenger doesn’t have it.

Imagine how embarrassing it is to accidentally send someone the wrong text message in the middle of a chat conversation. Even when you delete it, you may have to deal with the curiosity of the recipient who sees “Message deleted” or “Message not sent”.

iPhone maker Apple has joined forces with companies like Telegram and IMO to allow users to edit messages in the iMessage chat app.


In the iOS 16 beta, Apple introduced a feature for its iMessage chat app that allows users to undo send and edit a sent message.

Excellent update you say?

Yes of course!

But before you get too excited, you should note that the feature will only work if you’re using iPhone iOS 16, iPad 16, or macOS Ventura.

You should know that you can only delete the message within two minutes of sending it.

In the first public beta, Apple allowed users to undo sending their messages within 15 minutes of sending, but if they install the second public beta, it is changed to 2 minutes, after which the option will disappear from the dropdown menu.

Here are the steps to remove the message as shown in the image below:

  • Long press the message.
  • Go to the dropdown menu, to click Undo Submit.
  • The message will disappear immediately.


After knowing how to delete a sent message, here are some tips on how to edit a sent message in iOS 16:

  • Just like the delete option, you need to long press the message.
  • When you see the dropdown menu, click Edit.
  • Then continue editing your message and click the checkmark to the right of the message to submit the correction.
  • To see all the edits you’ve made, click the little edited link at the bottom of the message. You can proceed to click Hide Edits to view only the latest post.

The image below explains it more.

In the update, users can get a full 15 minutes to edit the post and after 15 posts expire; They will not be able to edit it again because the edit option will not be present in the menu.

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