India may produce half of all iPhones by 2027

India may produce half of all iPhones by 2027

To prevent suffering severe loss because of the epidemic in China, Apple is now expanding its production in India.

According to reports, as Apple continues to move production out of China in the future years, by 2027 half of all iPhone production may occur in India.

The pandemic in China had forced Apple’s plant, the largest phone production facility in the world, to endure significant losses.

Apple is currently transferring the production of its products to other nations, like India, in order to secure a stronger strategy for the upcoming years.

According to estimates, it will produce 25% of the iPhones in 2025. By 2027, the manufacturing of nearly half of all iPhones will follow.

India is now ranking eighth among all suppliers, producing about 2.27% of the overall Apple output.

Apple has spent a lot of time and resources working in China over the years, so the corporation will need to put additional effort into guaranteeing the same level of quality in the new market.

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