India will end the ban for download VLC

India will end the ban for download VLC

After being pressured by neighbourhood advocacy organisations like VideoLAN, India will relax the prohibition.

Nine months after imposing a ban on the well-known media playback tool VLC, India has decided to withdraw the restriction.

The IT and Telecom Ministries’ decision to forbid VideoLAN was the subject of a legal notification. The Internet Freedom Foundation, a local advocacy group, supported VideoLAN’s lawsuit and pushed the government to abolish the arbitrary ban.

The IFF claimed in a statement that the “strange” prohibition violated the 2009 Blocking Rules established by the people’s Supreme Court and that 80 million Indians utilised the open-source software. The telecom companies started limiting access to websites containing links to download VLC after the ban.

The major market for VLC, according to VideoLAN president and primary creator Jean-Baptiste Kempf and since the ban, traffic from South Asian countries has decreased by 80%.

Security company Symantec had claimed that Chinese government hackers were breaking into victims’ PCs via VLC. However, the restriction had increased the number of dodgy sites in India, making them more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

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