The iOS Update for Truecaller Enhances Call and Spam Detection in 2022

The iOS Update for Truecaller Enhances Call and Spam Detection in 2022

Truecaller updates its iOS app with new performance improvements and call/spam detection.

Truecaller has released a significant update to its iOS app with faster performance, better spam detection, fast startup, and smaller app size.

It now appears that the mac app is finally on par with the Android version.


To better detect spam and incoming calls, the company made sure that the iOS app code made better use of Apple’s CallKit API.

Compared to the previous version’s limited list of local spam numbers and caller ID, the new version claims to store a 10 times larger list on the phone to quickly discover callers.

The company said the local caller ID list would grow as more people use the new version, with free subscribers updating the list every three days and premium subscribers updating the list daily.

iOS users can also use the app to block unwanted callers, which is not possible on Android. The company proudly says its app is 30% smaller and 50% faster.


To install new updates, Apple devices must be running iOS 14 or later. “This update has been a long time coming for many iPhone users, and now we can provide them with the best spam and scam detection performance, helping them blend noise with their separate communications. Want to respond.”

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