James Webb takes the first Photos of Mars on September 5

James Webb takes the first Photos of Mars on September 5

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  • September 21, 2022
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The first images of Mars are captured by James Webb on September 5.

The James Webb Space Telescope captured the first images of Mars, Earth’s celestial neighbor, and gave scientists a glimpse of the Red Planet’s atmosphere.


The images were broadcast again on September 5. The new images give insight into the atmosphere of Mars. According to NASA, “The Hellas Basin is considered to be at a lower elevation and therefore experiences higher air pressure. This higher pressure suppresses thermal emission.”

The spectrometer map received through the telescope shows the presence of carbon monoxide, water, and the absorption of carbon dioxide. In addition, elemental analysis of the spectra shares information about dust, ice clouds, rocks, and atmospheric composition.

Since Mars is the brightest object in the night sky in terms of visible and infrared light, it is a challenge for the observatory, as it is built to detect the very faint light of the most distant galaxies. However, astronomers use special techniques to analyze the data and get the best results.


In the future, NASA plans to understand “regional differences across the planet and look for trace gases in the atmosphere, including methane and hydrogen chloride” through the telescope.

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