NASA’s DART Satellite is Successful in changing the orbit of an Asteroid

NASA’s DART Satellite is Successful in changing the orbit of an Asteroid

The DART mission was successful, changing the asteroid’s orbit for 32 minutes around Didymos.

NASA has announced that the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) was able to successfully change the orbit of the dimorphic asteroid.

This success represents an important milestone for the defense of the planet from any future asteroids that may be heading toward Earth.

After two weeks of collecting and analyzing the data, NASA researchers concluded that his experience of deliberately colliding with the asteroid shortened his path around his father, Didymus, by 32 minutes.


Before conducting the experiment in September, space agency researchers estimated that a minimum orbital shift of 73 seconds would have qualified the test as a success.

During a press conference, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said, “If an Earth-threatening asteroid is detected and we can see it far enough away, this technology can be used to manufacture it. NASA has shown that we are serious about being defenders of the planet. This is a watershed moment for planetary defense and humanity. All together, demonstrating the commitment of the exceptional team at NASA and its partners around the world.”

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