The Next-Generation RAF Aircraft Will Be AI-Assisted In Operating 2022

The Next-Generation RAF Aircraft Will Be AI-Assisted In Operating 2022

The new RAF fighter, Tempest, will consist of AR, VR, and AI components to operate the craft with the pilot.

The UK’s future Tempest fighter jet will include a mix of AR, VR, and AI in the flight control system and the cockpit will have no physical switches or screens as advanced systems will attempt to read the pilot’s mind to monitor Your condition. and surroundings.

Next-Generation RAF Aircraft Will Be AI-Assisted
Gripen 04, the fourth SAAB JAS-39 Gripen delivered to the SAAF, shortly after landing. Notice how the canards are positioned to help slow the craft.

Unlike drones, Tempest will not be fully automated, but instead requires a combination of human and machine control, known as “scalable autonomy.”

The BBC reports that the pilot’s helmet will contain sensors and will use them in conjunction with artificial intelligence to analyze brain signals. It will also have the ability to take over if the pilot is under stress or unconscious.


The RAF website claims that the cockpit technology will use eye tracking to monitor the pilot’s condition, especially if he is fatigued or stressed. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality are expected to collect and process data and organize the information that reaches the pilot to improve situational awareness.

Test flights of the new fighter craft will begin in 2027 and could be implemented in 2035.

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