On Discord, creators can now earn money

On Discord, creators can now earn money

Discord has unveiled a new feature that would allow US servers to charge their users for access to their content.

Discord has officially announced the opening of its server subscription in the US, after testing the ways that app community leaders and creators can monetize the platform over the past year.

The company also shared its pricing and franchise requirements.

Discord is a free chat platform with video and audio features similar to Slack and Skype, which has attracted users from all over the world with similar interests, especially gamers.

A subscription to the server will cost between $3 and $200, allowing creators their own freedom of what they can offer their followers for a monthly fee. Subscriptions to followers may include unique roles, perks and benefits, while Discord servers may also offer pricing tiers. After the deduction of the applicable fee, server owners will earn 90% of their profits.

Discord has detailed certain requirements for users to join a server subscription, including a server located in the US. Terms and monetization policy for server subscriptions.

According to Digital Trends, the company has not announced when the feature will roll out to users outside of the US.

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