The Popularity of TikTok may be Threatened by YouTube Shorts

The Popularity of TikTok may be Threatened by YouTube Shorts

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  • September 19, 2022
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Threat to TikTok’s popularity from YouTube Shorts

The online video-sharing site is planning to offer advertisements in short films to allow content creators to earn more money

Online video-sharing website YouTube is planning to bring ads into short films to allow creators to earn money and steal TikTok’s popularity.


Located in China, TikTok has been very popular among creators thanks to its valuable features like short videos.

After gaining popularity in ByteDance’s short video hosting service, short videos have also become a part of popular social media platforms, such as Instagram in the form of Reels and Snapchat in the form of Spotlight.

To compete with TikTok, YouTube launched shorts in 2020. However, to make it the number one choice for content creators, the video-sharing platform is launching an ad-based revenue model for YouTube Shorts.

The New York Times reported that “The company plans to pay 45 percent of the ad dollars to creators.” In addition, YouTube will allow creators to add popular songs to their videos.


The online video-sharing site has faced competition from various similar platforms. The company is now trying to offer different models to retain its users and compete with others.

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