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Snapchat is Testing a Paid Subscription Version Called Snapchat Plus 2022

Snapchat is Testing a Paid Subscription Version Called Snapchat Plus 2022

Snap confirmed internal testing of a paid subscription called Snapchat Plus. Testing of the new product was first reported on Twitter by the app developer and researcher Alessandro Paluzzi.

In a statement to The Verge, Snap spokeswoman Liz Markman confirmed that Snapchat Plus is now in its initial phase of internal testing. Markman adds that the Snap team is excited about pre-release features that will potentially share exclusive content with subscribers. 



Screenshots and information posted by Paluzzi show that other Snapchat Plus features are in testing. These features include the ability to pin one of your friends as your “#1 BFF,” the ability to change your Snapchat icon, and see who back to view your Stories is.

How much will Snapchat Plus cost?

Paluzzi also revealed that Snapchat Plus is currently trading around €4.59 per month and €45.99 per year or around $4.81 and $48.21 respectively. At the moment, prices have not yet been confirmed.


Snap isn’t the only social network making movies for a paid model app. Telegram confirmed it’s working on a premium subscription to launch later this month, and late last year Twitter launched its blue service, which is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. 

In the wake of Apple’s introduction of the ad privacy feature with iOS 14.5, which allows users to turn off ad tracking on an app-by-app basis, many free apps have had to reconsider exploring other ways to make money. Snap, in particular, cited changes to iOS that have lowered revenue targets, with Snap saying it will slow hiring this year.

Paluzzi reported that with Snapchat Plus, subscribers will be able to access some special features of the app.

You’ll be able to pin a friend as a BFF (MySpace Extremely Toxic Energy), get special Snapchat codes and a subscriber’s profile badge, and see how many times their Snap Stories have been viewed. He also indicated that you’ll be able to see your friends’ locations over the past 24 hours, but only if they share them with you.

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