Solar Vehicle Created by Kashmiri Instructor Receives Recognition

Solar Vehicle Created by Kashmiri Instructor Receives Recognition

The first solar vehicle in the region that can also be charged with electricity is made by Bilal Ahmad.

Srinagar: After 13 years of perseverance and struggle, Bilal Ahmed, a math teacher in the illegally occupied Indian region of Jammu and Kashmir, produced the first solar car in the region that runs entirely on solar energy and can also be charged with electricity. car.

Photos and videos of the 40-year-old Ahmed’s car went viral on social media last month, causing an overnight sensation in the region.


Speaking with Anadolu Agency from his home in Srinagar, Ahmed expressed his surprise that his producer has received such a positive response and appreciation from the public.

“I never thought my innovation would elicit such a positive gesture,” he said, referring to the nickname “Elon Musk of Kashmir” when his solar-powered car went viral.

In 2009, Ahmed was deeply moved by an article in which he read that gasoline prices would rise sharply in the next few years, making it difficult for ordinary people to buy a car.

“Then I decided to develop something that people could live with,” explains Ahmed.

Years of Struggle

In 2007, Ahmed completed a degree in civil engineering at a university in Bangalore, India, eager to capitalize on his talents and experience.

Two years later, he started working on his dream project to build a solar car that the masses could use.

He starts by reading articles and watching videos on social media to better understand how to realize his vision and make it a reality.

“I started doing careful planning and research for this project. I made sure that anything I wanted to do was unique and effective,” he explained.

So he started reading and learning about cars from all over the world that appeared in the 1950s. He draws inspiration from the work of Delorean, an American Detroit engineer, and innovator who owns DMC Motors.

However, Ahmed had to face many hurdles to complete his dream project. Frustrated by cycles of violence, limited resources, and financial hardship, he didn’t give up.

“When I started working on the project, I knew things would go wrong, but I moved on,” Ahmed said.

About $18,000 was spent on the project and at least 10-15 workers were employed to complete the project.


Ahmed has received various accolades, from former IIOJK chief minister Omar Abdullah to Indian industrialist and technologist Anand Mahendra, who offered to help while admiring his cars and Extend the solar car to a full model.

He said his car was a luxurious four-seater solar car, unlike other solar cars that usually have two seats.


The front, top, and rear surface areas of the car are fitted with monocrystalline solar panels and are exposed to sunlight to generate maximum electricity to power the car. The car also has the advantage of being charged electrically if the availability of solar energy is low.

“The car is fully automatic and has gullwing doors that fit space constraints,” he explained while driving.

Ahmed said he had several meetings with the Anand Mahindra team about its production, and his current focus is to patent his invention as quickly as possible so the public can buy it.

“If your innovation isn’t for the common good, it’s just a business model. My goal is the common good, and I work for it.

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