The First Areas of your Business to Automate Departments 2022

The First Areas of your Business to Automate Departments 2022

Augmented artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are driving the need for more automation across all industries. Even companies in creative fields such as graphic design and content creation are adopting workflow automation techniques to achieve greater operational efficiency.


If you’re a business owner, deciding to automate parts of your operations can be daunting. Knowing where to start can be overwhelming when so many services claim to lower your costs and increase your productivity.

Fortunately, I’m not the first business owner to jump into automation. Many companies have automated much of their day-to-day operations for the benefit of employees and consumers.

Administrative tasks

What is your daily workflow like? Most business owners spend most of their day opening spam, filling out forms, and creating invoices. What if all these relatively reckless tasks could be automated? How much time will you save for leisure activities and business development?

When automating your workflow, identify the day-to-day tasks that will benefit the most from this change. You can review the efficiency of your workflow by completing a normal day and noting the time you spend on each task.

Once you’ve visualized your daily workflow, start experimenting with “dangling fruit.” Simple tasks like invoicing customers and adjusting inventory can be easily automated and save a lot of time. As you become more familiar with workflow automation, check out automating more time-consuming activities, such as using chatbots to answer frequently asked questions online.

Warehouse and Inventory

If you sell physical products, you may need to do manual warehouses and some form of inventory checking. But automating your warehouse management system is easy and relatively cost-effective — even if you sell custom socks outside your parents’ garage.

You can use a cloud-based inventory system to increase the efficiency of your warehouse. The cloud-based inventory system is stored in a central location, allowing you to update your inventory in real-time. Integrating AI into this process can further simplify your warehouse as AI-led machines can locate, pack and inspect your shipments before they ship.

You don’t necessarily need a new set of computers and software to automate warehouses and inventory. Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have applications capable of running simple inventory management systems. It can also be connected to the Internet of Things, which means that all barcode and diagnostic devices interact with each other in a digital space.

Business Sales Automation

If you’re a business owner, you probably don’t like the sales side of things. It pays to see your business turn a profit but having to show customers all day may not be an option for you.

If you’re more interested in creativity and product design than sales, you might consider automating your sales process. You can leverage artificial intelligence and deep learning in your CRM with tools like PeppyBiz and Salesforce Sales Cloud. This can help you identify potential customers and facilitate future growth.


Automating your sales can help you keep your finances up to date. This eliminates a serious problem if financial planning and accounting are not for you. Automated sales teams can use data collected over time to make accurate and efficient calculations about future trends and current issues.


Embracing the spirit of experimentation is critical when automating work. Even if some automation service falls short of your expectations, the risk/reward of automation is almost always in favor of greater adoption of new technology.

Start with simple workflows and increase your chances of successfully automating business units. Once you start to understand the value of automation, spread AI throughout your business. You can even automate warehouse management and rely on automated CRM to generate sales reports. This will improve your operational efficiency and save time throughout the workweek.

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