The Netflix app has Several Fantastic Games Hidden

The Netflix app has Several Fantastic Games Hidden

Access Netflix game titles on your phone for free games, with up to 30 games available.

The giant streaming app Netflix has some great mobile games available for users that not many are familiar with.

The Mobile Games feature, which was first introduced in 2021, will appear to users at the bottom of the page. Users can also type “Games” in the search bar to view the game library.

Once users choose a game, unlike Google Stadia, the app will direct them to the Store to download the game, rather than allowing them to play in-app.


Once the game is downloaded to the device, it will sign users in with their Netflix credentials, rather than their Google account or Apple ID.

A Netflix subscription gives you access to these exclusive games, which cannot be downloaded or played for free with in-app purchases.

All game data is saved online and synced across all devices. The feature also makes it easy for the game to progress across platforms between Android and iOS devices.

The library currently has 30 games to choose from, including Asphalt Xtreme and Shatter Remastered, and can be accessed from any phone or tablet.

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