Top 7 App Builders Worth Reviewing in 2022

Top 7 App Builders Worth Reviewing in 2022

In this quick guide, we’ll take a look at the top seven app builders, including their features and functions. We’ll also tell you what to look for when choosing an app builder.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Apple Pie

Apple Pie supports SaaS, cloud, and web platforms, and you can use it to build apps for Android and iPhone. In addition to being an app builder, Appy Pie has a website builder and domain registration.

You can create in-app stores or links to third parties like Amazon and Shopify. They also have basic Mailchimp and social media integration, push notifications, commutes, multiple languages, and a loyalty program.

Users can also use Appy Pie’s drag and drop functionality to add up to 56 features to their app.


Microsoft Power Apps

With Microsoft PowerApps, you can easily create model-driven apps and drawing board-driven apps without touching any icons.

Canvas apps let you start with a blank design and connect it to over 200 data sources. You can organize the interface and user experience the way you want. You can build your own Canvas app from data, samples, or via AppSource.

On the other hand, designing a model-driven app allows you to add views, forms, charts, tables, and dashboards. You can create an app to manage complex operations, such as sales or new employee onboarding.

The build process is generally easy, but if you need additional help, consider using services like Valto to develop your apps faster.

Good Barber

GoodBarber is best for small, medium, and large businesses. In particular, it is a tool for business development, news, and community applications and has monetization features.

Its features include loyalty cards, notifications, coupons, chats, and mentions. The app builder has eight sections for videos, images, audio, map, forum, and calendar.

GoodBarber supports live audio and video streaming and supports push notifications for the web.


Zoho Builder

Zoho offers more than 550 integrations with other applications and is based on millions of historical data points to predict the results of your business. You can also target potential customers to buy and offer them the best deals.

Special features of Zoho Creator include AI App Builder, Integration Builder, Multi App Builder, and BI & Analytics. It has great built-in templates and the price is very affordable.

The only big drawback of using Zoho Creator is that it doesn’t support Java.


Glide is a web-based app builder that combines Google Sheets with pre-built components to help non-programmers build fully functional apps. You can edit your app by making changes to sheets, which is your database.

Its interface gives you instant visual feedback when you make adjustments. It’s an especially great creation tool for trial and error and comes with over 400 lovely aesthetic templates with a modern look.

Glide is easy to use with a short learning curve and a freemium account is available.

App Sheet

AppSheet is best for small, medium, and large businesses. This no-code app builder allows you to create feature-rich multi-platform compatible apps.

With it, you can enjoy features like barcode scanners, signature capture, GPS, maps, and photo capture. Background data synchronization and offline mode are also provided. No matter what plan you sign up for, you’ll get custom branded features.

Appsheet gives you centralized management and increased productivity.



BiznessApps offers premium plugins like a signature, private app store, group management, and multi-language support. You can choose from over 800 Google Fonts and the templates contain over 1000 icons.

This app development platform also lets you build native iOS and Android apps and offers 20 app credits, dozens of app integrations, and unlimited Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

BiznessApps has an easy-to-understand design but does not support web application development.

Build Better Apps With App Builders

No matter what business you have, digital presence is a necessity today that can be achieved by having a website or app. If you choose the latter, an app builder is your go-to option to help you engage more with customers.

App builders make it easy to create apps with their drag and drop method. It’s also cheaper than hiring a developer, takes less time to run apps, and built-in apps can be combined with other tools.

When choosing an app builder, choose one that has a shorter development and customization time. Good luck and God bless you!

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