Transformation: Data Week Continues with a Dive into Data Analytics

Transformation: Data Week Continues with a Dive into Data Analytics

This year, Transformation, the leading event in applied artificial intelligence for business and technology decision-makers, returns in person and virtually. We dive into two full weeks of the hottest topics in applied AI, including data, AI, and the edge.

The virtual coverage data week begins on July 20. Every day, in-depth talks and panel discussions from leaders across industries will highlight an essential topic in the world of data. On day one (July 20), we’ll dive into data engineering, and on day two (July 21), we’ll talk about data management. Day 3 (July 22) looks at data analytics or artificial intelligence that turns your data into gold.


Below, you’ll find a closer look at what’s happening in the world of data analytics from leaders at FedEx, Orangetheory, Walgreens, and more. (Do not miss the agenda for the first and second day).

Deep dive into data analysis: July 22

The panel starts at 9:00 am m. (Pacific Time) with a look at historic winter storm Urey, which brought much of the southern United States to a standstill and significantly impacted FedEx service levels for critical healthcare accounts. In this chat with Sriram Krishnasamy, CEO of FedEx Dataworks, you’ll learn how FedEx Dataworks has harnessed AI to ease network congestion and get life-saving medical products to their destinations. He’ll also understand how the company’s fully automated dashboard enables operators to manage exceptions, how data helps the team solve crisis challenges, and more.

Then at 9:20 am, m. (Pacific Time), we’ll see why data is so essential to businesses of all sizes and how a simple data analysis can put it to work before you’re even ready for machine learning. Amin Kazerooni, Director of Data and Analytics at Orangetheory Fitness, joins Alison Ryder, Senior Projects Editor at MIT Sloan Management Review, to talk about why you don’t need a massive investment in machine learning and AI starts seeing immediate value. In your data. Additionally, he will learn how basic data analytics methods and the proper organizational structure can help propel smaller, less tech-savvy businesses toward digital Transformation and beyond.

Walgreens is one of the world’s most prominent retail pharmacy healthcare destinations, with more than 450,000 team members worldwide, 13,000 stores in 25 countries, and nearly 9 million store visits and online customer interactions every year. At 9:40 am, m. PT, VentureBeat Executive Editor Lanor Allen will speak with Mike Mariska, CTO of the Walgreens Boots Alliance, to learn how Walgreens uses data and insights to transform the customer experience at every touch point.

The morning continues with dives the following afternoon for personal trips at 10:00 am. m. (Pacific time). Peer-to-peer car-sharing company Turo is no stranger to using data and AI to make seamless customer experiences. The company now uses real-time analytics to ensure a safer journey for its customers. In this talk by Avinash Gangadharan, Turo’s CTO, you’ll learn about the evolution of the company’s data feature sets to its final form: the Turo Risk Score, which is designed to deliver a secure transaction and experience. To the whole community.


At 10:20 am, m. (Pacific Time), you can dive into the original parallel charts, the most advanced type of chart analysis. Dan McCreary, the Senior Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Optum (UnitedHealth Group Technology Division), will meet with Mike Booth, TigerGraph’s Vice President of Sales for the Americas, to discuss how UHG is leveraging TigerGraph’s technology. You’ll learn how a chart with AI algorithms can help monitor an organization and make predictions to prevent problems before they happen, how UHG has improved the quality of care while reducing costs, and more.

Finally, welcome to our multi-cloud reality. Today’s robust and resilient cloud strategy is essential for organizations that must stay ahead. In this live talk, Auth0 Chief Product Officer Shiv Ramjee and Andrew Davidson, SVP of Cloud Products at MongoDB, will discuss reengineering global platforms for a multi-cloud world. You’ll hear what the growing competitive challenges facing the Big Three mean, the ever-increasing number of data privacy laws, and how they’re affecting organizations, migration to the edge, and more.

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