WhatsApp Updated its Windows App with a New Version 2022

WhatsApp Updated its Windows App with a New Version 2022

WhatsApp uses native technology to release a newly updated app for Windows users for a better experience

WhatsApp has launched a new app for Windows users that uses unique technology with better performance. The app was previously only available in beta but is now available to everyone.


In a detailed blog post, the company said the new app is designed to replace the old WhatsApp Desktop app with a more localized experience.

This gives the app users better advantages, such as sending and receiving messages even when the phone is offline. The interface has also been redesigned to look cleaner and more organized, while WhatsApp promises high reliability and speed.

The macOS app is expected to get a similar update in the near future.

Last month, WhatsApp released the first public beta of its new Mac app based on Catalyst technology, allowing developers to quickly port apps from an iOS app to macOS.


New macOS apps run faster and use fewer resources, especially when saving battery power. Experimental apps work even when the phone is offline, similar to Windows apps. Windows users can download the app through the Microsoft Store and order a PC running Windows 10 or later.

Mac users can sign up for the beta app on TestFlight to get it before the official release. It is also planning to release a beta version of iPadOS.

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